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I believe that physical and emotional ailments are merely an expression of underlying, conscious or subconscious psycho-spiritual trauma. Healing takes place from each individual’s inner self and requires active participation and focused intentions from the individual. The healer is an instrument in that self-healing process who creates the necessary space and guidance. To provide such guidance.


We offer best Numerology to get better fortune

Reiki Master

We offer Reiki Master for body energy healing

Crystal healing

Feel the magic of Crystal Healings

Feng Shui Master

Change destiny with ancient technique.

Spell Casting

We offer best Spell Casting to get better fortune


Gain insight into the past, present or future


Feel the magic of Graphology

Chakra healing

Bet relief with ancient technique
trust the vibes you get

Our Philosophy

Our place is a lifestyle brand embracing body, beauty, mind & spirit. Your are welcome to visit our center where every person is treated with high attention.

I am a certified Reiki Master, Numerologist, Crystal Healer, Renowned Feng Shui Master. My vision to Balance your Home, Balance your life

-  Shubhrat, Founder Bodhhisatva

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BODHHISATVA's mission is to empower individuals to know that they can access their ‘best teacher’ within. I am also providing best classes to fulfil the objective of many other people who are really seeking to nourish their life as well as other's.